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Boys’ opinions are mixed on girls’ prom dress rules and on petition to change them

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Male students of Archbishop Ryan have mixed opinions on the junior dance and senior prom dress code rules and a petition that was created over the weekend to change the rules.

The “disappointed students” who started the petition argue that the rules are unfair to both male and female students.

         Though Nicholas Polini, who is a senior at Ryan, wrote letters to the administration voicing his opinions on the prom dress code, he said he is not the “disappointed students” who started the petition and does not know who is.

         “I’m a guy and not personally affected by the dress code, I think it’s still a great cause to stand up to, and important. Martin Luther King once wrote “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” and I strongly agree. If we don’t work together in solidarity to fight the things we see as wrong, then we open the door for greater wrongs to be committed… The administrators do have the final say, and do run the school, but as students, this is our school too, and we should have a say in how our school is run,” Polini said in an email

          Some male students disagree with the current rule because they believe that it portrays male students as having no self control and being immature. Another reason why people think the rule should be changed is to teach the male students to respect females and not objectify them.

         “I agree that the dress code should be changed. It is incredibly strict,” said junior Nolen Kelly. “I also agree that we (the male students) are being treated immature.”

         Though Polini and others feel that that the rule should be changed, other male students disagree and think that the rule is good how it is now. One said the petition treated the administration badly.

         “I think the petition is horrible and the writer attacked the administration,” said junior Evan Kirby,

         There are also some male students who do not have an opinion on the petition but do respect the what the students are doing.

         “I think it is brave of the students to stand up against the Ryan administration for something they believe in,”said Ryan Schiela.

As of Wednesday morning, the petition had over 640 signatures and was trying to reach a goal of 1,000 signatures. Though the petition mainly affects Ryan students, it has been signed by people who are not students of Ryan, such as parents and alumni.

         The petition can be read on and explains the reasons why people think the rule should be changed.


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Boys’ opinions are mixed on girls’ prom dress rules and on petition to change them