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AR’s antiquated heating system leaves little room for climate control


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With the unusual weather that this winter has brought, it has been hard to keep Archbishop Ryan classrooms and students comfortable.

The heating system in the building is about 50 years old and it has no thermostat to control the heat. On warmer days, there is no way to control the heat in the building without turning it off.  The administration is currently looking at solutions to control the heat.

“We are looking to find a way to only have parts of the building heated, such as having the heat only on the Academy Road side. We are also trying to see if we can turn the heat off in courtyard classrooms,” said Mr. McFadden.

Because it is still winter, the temperature drops too low at night to turn the heat off. If the heat was turned off, the building would be freezing. Once the heat gets turned off, it takes days to heat back up.

“If money wasn’t a problem, yes, this school could have air conditioning,” said Mr. McFadden. ”It would most likely have to be a central air unit for a building this size, or an electrician would have to come and rewire the school so that each room could have a air conditioner. Catholic schools such as Bishop Shanahan that have central air have students pay $1,000 more a year for tuition.”

On warmer days, teachers are permitted to allow their students to take off their sweaters if they are wearing the proper uniform. Other than that, teacher and students will have to tough it out until the end of winter, when the heat is turned off for good.

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AR’s antiquated heating system leaves little room for climate control