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OPINION: Higher school fee includes charges for things some students don’t want


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Starting next year, Archbishop Ryan’s tuition will increase. This statement is startling to some parents and students who are already struggling to pay thousands of dollars to send their child or children to Catholic school.

Melissa Dona, mother of four, currently has two girls in Archbishop Ryan. One girl is a senior, the other is a sophomore.

“The increase in tuition is scary,” Dona said. “My husband and I are almost finished sending my oldest child through high school, but she’s going on to college so that payments will continue; but with three other children, all in Catholic school, I’m more nervous for sending them through high school with the continuous ups in prices than sending my daughter to college, and that’s very sad.”

After hearing about the increasing tuition, students, parents, and guardians may have wondered: why this was happening?

The president of Ryan, Denise LePera, stated that some dance tickets, t-shirts, and school books are included with the school fee, which will be $1,750 next year, up from $1,000. Some students and parents are finding a problem with this because some of the students do not want to go to dances but they’re having to pay for it regardless, which is an extra unnecessary cost.

The other issue involving costs included in the school fee is the RYANO fundraiser, which was $300 this year. The fundraiser, at this point, is useless because the school is now forcing parents to participate, which makes it not a fundraiser, but another pointless dent in a family’s income.

Odds are the cost of tuition will continue to increase, parents will continue to sigh and hand thousands of dollars to the archdiocese.

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OPINION: Higher school fee includes charges for things some students don’t want