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OPINION: Why coed is the way to go


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One big decision most students face is whether or not he or she wants to go to a single gender high school. Once the students make their decisions, their parents must then face the dilemma: Should they send their children to a single-sex or coed high school?

Many people believe that co-education will distract a child where single-sex education will keep a child focused. But this contention is debatable. According to, 76% of individuals say that coed schools are better than single sex schools. Why, though?

Co-education offers more positives than negatives. For instance, co-education offers male-to-female interaction and social skills for the future. In post-secondary education and endeavors (college, military, trade school), males and females are often together.

Therefore, children who are brought up in coed classrooms have experience getting along with the opposite sex compared to children who have mainly experience education with one gender. This will make the experience of talking to the opposite sex easier, especially for children who are shy.

Children and teenagers are able to talk to the opposite sex when they attend a coed school, which can boost their self-confidence. They are able to hear the opinions of both sexes and ultimately learn more about the opposite sex. This type of education widens a child’s perspective on the world and prepares a child for the future.

When male and female children learn to work together, they will grow up to understand that both genders work better as a team and they learn not to discriminate against the opposite gender.

“I sent my child to a coed high school because I did not go to a coed school. I wanted my child to experience real-life scenarios between both genders and get use to male-female interaction for her adult life,” explained Heidi Gardner, a mother of a current MaST high school student.

Jessica Holzworth, a current senior at Archbishop Ryan high school, stated, “Coeducation is more diverse and prepares you to move into the real world with experience of being around both sexes. It enables you to expand your horizons and gives an equal playing field among both genders.”

Some people will say that girls and boys are distracted in coed schools, but the same can happen in same-sex schools. It ultimately depends on the individual. If he or she is easily distracted, the type of education he or she receives will not make a huge difference.

Keep in mind: most colleges are coed.

Those who grow up in coed schools have an advantage over those who grow up in same-sex schools because they are use to interacting in a classroom setting with the opposite sex. Experience is important.

In the long run, co-education pays off. Co-education strengthens social skills between sexes, gives children the exposure to both genders, and offers real world experience that every child will need for his or her future.    

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OPINION: Why coed is the way to go