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OPINION: To AP or not to AP?


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As the fourth quarter grows closer and closer, so does the AP tests in the first week of May. AP students have to take the test that they have been preparing for all year. Some students feel happy to accept the challenge of an AP course, whereas others wonder why they would ever put themselves through the torture of such a challenging course.

  Advanced Placement classes, more commonly known as AP classes,, are college-level courses offered at a high school level. At the end of the year, a test is given on the AP material. Some colleges offer college credit if students do well on the test.

  Taking AP courses gives students many advantages. Dylan Daniels, a sophomore in Mr. Dormer’s AP Government class, offered his opinion on the class.

  “To me, AP courses are just like honors classes except they are taught at a faster pace and sometimes the class can be hard to follow,” Daniels said. “However, I think AP classes prepare you in terms of workload, course speed, time management, and independent learning skills, which are crucial for college.”

  Daniels explained that AP courses taught him the skill of time management, but for some students, that’s quite the opposite.

  Cecelia Jaskel, a senior who has taken several AP courses over the past three years, offered her pitch on what being an AP student is really like.

  “People think the AP in an AP course stands for Advanced Placement, but in reality I’m just an Advanced Procrastinator,” Jaskel said.

  For those who decide to take an AP course, procrastination may be something they will come into contact with, but that shouldn’t scare students from reaching their capabilities.

  Senior Dylan McGlone, another experienced student, shared his advice to incoming AP students.

  “If you have a chance to take an AP course you should definitely take it. You’ve made it here for a reason, and have the talent to handle the work,” McGlone explained.

  When taking an AP class, there will be stressful nights, loads of homework,  and seemingly impossible tests. But eventually, students will get into the hang of things and realize that there are 20 other students going through the same thing.

  Although AP courses are extremely challenging, all the skills students will learn by taking a college course will most definitely be worth it. And who knows, maybe those students will get a 5.

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OPINION: To AP or not to AP?