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OPINION: Ridiculous rules should be relaxed


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The Archbishop Ryan administration and faculty have recently been cracking down on rules that they have been “too lenient” about. Yet, after analyzing the dos and don’ts within the agenda book, it is obvious some rules oppress self-expression, promote unhealthy lifestyles, and create all around pointless demerits.

The majority of rules that are ridiculous are found within the dress code and lunch regulations. While Archbishop Ryan is strict for all the right reasons most of the time, the following rules are truly absurd, with no logical explanation as to why they are in place.

The Dress Code’s Ridiculous Rules:

  • No extreme hairstyles, hair colors, or makeup looks.
  • Girls may not wear excessive jewelry, and no piercings aside from one earhole. Boys may not have earrings.
  • Girls fingernails should be at a moderate length.
  • Boys may not have visible facial hair.


For many students, these rules raise the questions of what and why.

What is an extreme hair color or style? What is too much makeup? What is the moderate length of a nail? What is wrong with a boy having pierced ears?

Why can’t more than one earring be worn? Why can’t a nose have a small stud in it? Why can’t boys have scruff or even a full grown beard?

“The dress code is about appearance,” said Mr. Panepresso, the school’s disciplinarian. “In the real world, appearance does matter. The rules relate to accessories and ‘looks’ that take away from the look of the uniform. If I am distracted from piercings and jewelry and not looking at the student in the uniform- then the uniform is being compromised. The uniform looks great if worn correctly.  I do personally understand the fight for guys to wear earrings, yet it is still not culturally acceptable.”

Yet, these rules are senseless because none of them affect the academic experience and growth of a student. The individuality of a person is being belittled because of these restrictions, and for what purpose?

“I, personally, have never been distracted by a cartilage piercing, or a beard, or purple hair. Because of these restrictions, I am unable to get my ear pierced and must wait two more years to do so,” stated sophomore Conor Owens.

Having these laws enforced give off the impression that it’s against the Catholic faith to have an aesthetic that involves violating this dress code. Yet, having a different style is not promoting any negativity, is not hindering education, and is not wrong.


Lunch’s Ridiculous Rules:


  • No food or drink is permitted outside the cafeteria at any time, for any reason


  • Students are not permitted to go to their lockers once they have entered the school cafeteria for lunch
  • Students are forbidden to chew gum at anytime in the school building
  • Students may not use the restroom after their lunch periods


According to Mayo Clinic, the average man should have 13 cups (3 liters) of water a day while women should have 9 cups (2.2 liters.) Being unable to have water at their leisure is creating an unhealthy hydration routine for students. Furthermore, aside from the health detriments, the rule of being unable to have beverages outside of lunch is rough for students with the common cold.

“Over the past few weeks, I’ve been getting over a sore throat and a sinus infection, so I’ve been taking a water bottle to my classes,” stated senior Alyssa Trinacria.  “It’s absolutely insane I now can’t have the water unless I have a doctor’s note. I’m not going to go to the doctor’s if I just have a cold due to climate change. I already know how to treat it- one of the ways being drinking a lot of water.”

The issue continues when it comes to lavatory use. Because students cannot drink anything outside of lunch, they’re forced to chug their drinks in a 45-minute interval,  which leads them to having to use the bathroom.

It takes anywhere from five to 120 minutes to digest water, and even longer to process sugary drinks. Yet, students are now only supposed to be permitted to use the lavatory during their lunch period. This is absolutely ridiculous; no one can tell his or her body when to be ready to urinate.

Not being permitted to chew gum or go to one’s locker during lunch are smaller, yet still annoying rules.

With the new microwaves, many students bring containers to school to heat up leftovers. Not being able to go to locker’s during lunch creates a problem since it then has to be dragged around to the next however many classes, and students run the risk of getting in trouble for having food in class. Lunch is probably the most convenient time to visit lockers, so why can’t they?

For a lot of students, gum relaxes them and allows them to focus. Once again, there really is not any reason to have this rule in place because it does not impede academic growth. The only logical reason to have the restriction is the idea that students shove gum under desks. Yet, maybe if they weren’t running the risk of getting demerits, they would not feel the need to hide the gum.

Ultimately, these rules really do not need any sort of enforcement. It’s honestly just an excuse for authorities to be unnecessarily strict.

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OPINION: Ridiculous rules should be relaxed