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Kairos will be longer beginning in the fall

The religious retreats will begin on Thursday afternoons instead of Friday mornings.


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The popular Kairos retreat that many seniors and some juniors attend every year is about to experience a big change. Instead of the retreat only being three days, it will go to four days.

Students would leave after school on Thursday instead of before school on Friday. They will return to school Sunday afternoons, as they have for previous Kairos retreats.

There is a reason for the big change and that is because students wanted more free time while on Kairos. Also, it was hard for students to absorb a lot of the things at the retreat because of everything being rushed and crammed together.

“The students can’t really absorb much, so I think that they will get more out of it with more free time,” said Father Jonathan Dalin, Archbishop Ryan’s campus minister and the Kairos moderator. “They will have more time to reflect on the retreat with that extra free time.”

The content at Kairos will remain the same; however, certain things may be added, such as more presentations and more free time.

Father Dalin has said that there will not be a price change even though the trip is longer. 

Father Dalin decided to make the change for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year. Many other schools already do the four day trips. Archbishop Ryan is one of the last schools to make the transition.

The dates for the 2017- 2018 Kairos retreats will be November 30-December 3, Febuary 8th-11th, and April 19th-22nd.

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Kairos will be longer beginning in the fall