Senior letter: Holly Holzer


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To future seniors,

Remember, senior year is the last time every senior will come together as a class. After senior year, there are no more basketball games as a Ryan student. There are no more homecoming dances. There are no more Color Games. There is no more sitting at the rectangular lunch tables talking about what happened over the weekend. Everything is over in the blink of an eye, so do everything possible. Go to the basketball and football games. Go to the dances like homecoming, winter formal, and prom. Go to school on the day of Color Games and participate in the games. Do not miss out of any opportunity as a senior because after senior year, nothing will be the same.

I thought senior year would be easy, a piece of cake, and fly by. I was right. Senior year does fly by and before I knew it, I am sitting in my 5th period Journalism class writing a letter to future seniors. This year was one of my most stressful years, mainly because it is my last chance at proving that I am a student who is a determined hard worker. I advise future seniors to take college preparation seriously and apply as soon as possible. In September, I started applying to my top colleges. Some of my peers did not apply until December, January, or February, and sadly did not make it into their top colleges. Therefore, it is best to apply as soon as possible (September, October).

However, do not stress out about not getting accepted into a college. I did not get accepted into my top colleges, like Temple and West Chester, for nursing. Of course, I was upset, but I moved on and knew I would get into another college. That is when I got accepted into Bloomsburg for nursing and I will be attending Blooms in the fall. The moral of the story is to not doubt oneself. I always thought I would be accepted into schools like Temple or West Chester, but I guess it was a blessing in disguise. It taught me that there are people out there who are better and smarter than me and I have to accept that I am the way I am because God has a plan for me.

If Ryan was not the best experience, make senior year as fun and amazing as possible and take every chance to experience high school as a senior. There are so many events, games, dances, and parties to look forward to in the final year at Ryan. Most importantly, spend time with friends and family because before anyone realizes, graduation is only around the corner.


Holly Holzer

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Senior letter: Holly Holzer