Senior letter: Jacquline Pachucki

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Dear you and you, too,

We were always told by the “old people,” high school flies by so take everything in. Boy, do I wish I took that advice.There are so many moments I wish I could reverse and just appreciate that things will never be that easy again.

Sophomore year I started my first real job. It was nice making money and using it at my own discretion. Junior year I began to start gaining more financial responsibilities. Then during senior year I realized life doesn’t stop.

When I was in grade school it was fun  when all I had to worry about was showing up to my soccer games and studying for  vocabulary tests.

When you get to high school you have to worry about school work, clubs, bills, and work. As I get older, I know it will only get worse, it doesn’t slow down, and life will not pause just for you.  

Thankfully I realize this now. I appreciate my Fridays off from work and the fact I don’t have student loans just yet. I have parents to hold those bigger-than-me responsibilities for me. And I’m still living in their house and I don’t always have to pay for my own food, very obviously my own mortgage, and much more.

I am also overwhelmingly thankful for the people I met in high school. Another thing I was always told, you won’t have the same friends throughout high school and when you leave high school, you also leave those friends behind. I hope to look back at this one day and know that that isn’t true. My friends made these past four years endurable. There is no possible way to recount the times I’ve cried from laughter, or came home after school and immediately reconnected with my friends to talk about what happened just hours ago.

Just like the scene from the TV show The Office when Jim and Pam were on their way to their wedding and Pam said, “Hey, my aunt told me something neat. Since the wedding goes by so fast, we should try to take mental pictures of the high points.”

I’ve used so much mental film these past four years.All of my friend’s faces are plastered all over it. It’s stored in the back of my head so I never forget the good times I’ve had with my favorite people. I love their unique personalities, sarcastic tendencies, funny minds, and the fact that they are friends with me.

I can wait for the day when I’m old and I catch myself telling a story beginning with “when I was in high school..” and the images will still feel feel tangible.

High school was a good run. Now onward to college, where I hope to have the same people around me, plus a few more.

Jacquline Pachucki

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