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Tips on how to stay organized


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The school year has begun which can make many nervous and feel unprepared. What are some things that you can do to make this year better than the rest by staying organized and focused? It all starts with the very beginning, buying school supplies. Try to buy the better value and quality products, the ones that will last for the whole year. Label each of the copy books folders and binders to make them neater and easier to find.

Keep your locker nice and tidy, try to set up a system in your locker one that you can easily get used to. Try not to leave trash in there and maybe get a holder for extra pens and pencils just in case. Make your locker nice, maybe filled with pictures or quotes to keep you motivated throughout the school year. Since your locker is one of the most important places you go to and see every day it should be personal. How you set it up to be not messy and disorganized. Keep your notes neat. If you need to study and everything is all over the place and sloppy the chances of you focusing on studying and getting a good grade are slim. Try highlighting in different colors for different reasons which will make your notes appealing and easier to read.

When studying try to stay as far away from electronics and other distractions as possible, this will set the main focus on your notes. Sometimes it’s okay to take a break maybe have some brain fuel, aka a snack but try not to get to sidetracked which is super easy to do, but if you set your mind to it you can memorize in no time.

The last thing is to get the best rest that you can, sometimes it can be super difficult to find time for all the events you may have during the day but make yourself the number one priority and get some rest your body and your brain will thank you for it later.

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Tips on how to stay organized