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Freshmen’s thoughts on the school year


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Starting a new school year at a brand new school gives many opportunities to students. They have a chance to start over with a new beginning. With this new beginning they can make new friends, work harder to get good grades, get involved, and make more memories.

A new start can be tough. Trying to find classes on the first day can also be tough, especially at a big school like Archbishop Ryan. Tyler Miles, freshman at Ryan, did not think finding classes was that hard.

“Going to the orientation helped a lot, but it was still a little hard. I did not think it was impossible though,” Miles stated.

Miles is really enjoying his first couple weeks at Ryan so far, and he is looking forward to big events that will be happening at school.

“I am really most excited for big games with the school community,” Miles said.

Besides big games outside of school, Miles is also looking forward to the big games inside of school, also known as, Color Games. These games will be happening in February.

“The teachers here are nice, and the classes are fun because they are interactive. The classes with the air conditioning are always nice too,” Miles said.

Miles played baseball for Saint Albert The Great, the grade school he graduated from, and plans on trying out for the Archbishop Ryan Baseball Team. Along with playing baseball, Miles will do his best to keep his grades up in all of his classes, especially his favorite, Theology.

“My favorite class this year would probably be theology with Fr. Landis. We get to learn a lot while having fun at the same time,” Miles stated.

One of his favorite parts about Ryan is that all of the teachers and administration are welcoming. He also thinks it is pretty cool walking out of school at the end of the day and not having to wait for a bus like he had to do in grade school.

Freshman Emily Gudas graduated grade school from Maternity BVM. As a freshman going into her third week at a new school, she is already really involved and has made lots of new friends. Gudas got a part in the fall play, is a part of the Athletes Helping Athletes Club, and made the field hockey team without ever playing before.

“I sprained my ankle the day before the coaches were going to be making cuts at tryouts. I was so upset because I wanted so badly to make the team. Because of how hard I worked at the previous workouts, I still made the team which I was really happy about,” Gudas said.

Along with Miles, Gudas’ favorite class is Theology. Her teacher is Dr. Tori and she looks forward to going to his class everyday.

“He really knows how to make school and his class really enjoyable. He is fun and he is really great at explaining things,” said Gudas.

As far as events coming up in school, Gudas is most excited for the Judge v.s. Ryan basketball game. Another thing she is excited for is participating in the school play, and trying out for the lacrosse team in the spring. Overall, Gudas has really enjoyed these first two weeks of school.

“All the teachers are nice and they were all very welcoming. Even all of the upperclassmen were nice too,” Gudas said.

Both of these freshmen have already had some great experiences at Ryan, and they can not wait for many more memories and opportunities to come in the future.


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  1. Ms. Leone on October 12th, 2017 7:17 pm


    I enjoyed your article about Tyler and Emily. You did a nice job capturing the excitement and newness experienced by freshmen.
    Again, thanks for reminder and the link!

    I’m glad to see Ryan Review up and running.

    Ms. Leone


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Freshmen’s thoughts on the school year