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Archbishop Ryan is entering its second year of hosting Tribe-A-Thon, which is an all night dance marathon that provides a chance to spend all night with friends, dancing to raise money for a cure for childhood cancer.

“I’m really excited to do it again because now I know what’s going to happen,” says senior Matthew Prempeh.

“I’m excited to spend all night with my friends, but not about being in school for that long.” Prempeh said

Archbishop Ryan’s second  Tribe-A-Thon will take place on the 27th of February. It is a dance marathon where kids dance all night raising money for CHOP.

Ryan’s thon will be from 5pm to 12 am. Sophomore Dan Chido started the whole thing. He went to Mr. McFadden and had an idea to start something that has never been done at Archbishop Ryan before.

Senior Ryan Schiela said, “Thon sounds like a really good thing to Archbishop Ryan.”

Lisa Rabbit is from CHOP and is in charge of all the dance marathons that go through CHOP.


On the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s website, it will list some information about the dance marathon and how every student can raise money for Thon .

Hopefully Archbishop Ryan has a good outcome and raises a lot of money “FTK” (for the kids).

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