Safe Injection Sites

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I was shocked to learn that Philadelphia suffers from the most opioid induced deaths per year. Because of this, I feel that the safe injection zones can be a good short term solution. I say short term because I feel they should try to develop these places into rehabilitation zones. The benefits of the safe injection sites are a safe place to take drugs without risk of overdose. The reasons for the sites are few but they are big precautions. The drawbacks include enabling drug use, enabling drug sale, and bringing a safe injection site into a neighborhood that would bring down the respectability of the neighborhood. It really is not legal but then again, not many in this country follow the law through and through.

It is hard to take the path of being in favor of the sites because of just how insane it sounds. However, when you look at it from a realist point of you, it can be seen that sadly these drugs will be done anyway. Drug use is a whole other epidemic that is going to be almost impossible to fix. So, if there is a way to limit overdoses and unsafe ways of injecting drugs, then I feel it is a step that we can temporarily take. I still wonder how police are going to react to the safe injection sites but I believe that they will cooperate. Are they going to be able to track where the drugs are from? Are they going to be able to stop you if someone gets in a vehicle after leaving the site? They have many things still to figure out but the sites are coming and I desperately hope that they bring a positive outcome.



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