Succeeding Students: Alyssa Sliwa

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Most students dream of being first in their graduating class and giving a speech, just like in the movies.

  Alyssa Sliwa is currently a senior at Archbishop Ryan High School and living that dream. She is  number 1 in a class of 314 students. Sliwa hopes to continue her academic career at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall.

She went to Christ the King grade school in Philadelphia, PA and was top of the class there as well.

“It didn’t really feel like I was number one when I graduated and I didn’t feel like it would transfer to high school work and I wasn’t going to do as well,” said Sliwa.

Sliwa is involved in a number of things at Archbishop Ryan. She is a member of the National Honor Society and also helps as a tutor. She is president of National English Honor Society and vice president of Strategy Games and Chess Club. She is a winner of the Dad Vail Regatta painting contest and co-captain of the tennis team.

High school has helped Alyssa grow into a well rounded young adult and she will miss it when she graduates in June.

“One thing I’m going to miss about Ryan is my friends and being so close to them. They were always available when I need them. I’m also going to miss art class, it was my one period of the day when I was able to relax and enjoy it with my friends,” said Sliwa.

Even though Sliwa had a great high school career, she does have some regrets.

“I wish I was able to go back and change some things, thought. I wish I would’ve joined tennis freshman year instead of sophomore year, so I was able to grow with the team and be with them from the beginning.” said Sliwa.

Sliwa made a huge impact on Archbishop Ryan in a short 4 years, and she will be missed.

“I wouldn’t change a thing about my time here. I loved my experience at Ryan and all of the friends and memories I made” said Sliwa.

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