Animal Fostering

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Did you ever think how you can rescue dogs and cats in need? If so, maybe fostering is for you.

People who foster animals take them into their lives for short or long periods of time while the animal is waiting to be adopted. Many shelters are full and the more animals that can spend some time living in a home the better, and the shelter can bring in more animals in need. Fostering helps the shelters because for every animal that is fostered, two lives are saved. The one being fostered, and the new one to the shelter.

Animals that are in foster care are observed by the family and reports are given to the shelter or organization which makes it easier for them to find a permanent home. They learn if the animal is good with other pets, is very affectionate, very playful, or likes to lounge around. When people are looking to adopt these things are very important to make the decision.

At the Camden County Animal Shelter, the longtime volunteer and animal advocate Andrea Huhn says, “ Fostering actually saves lives, especially in open-intake shelters with limited space. Opening your home to an animal not only helps them but also opens up space for another animal to be saved. Opening up your heart to a foster ensures they will be healthy and well adjusted when they are adopted. It’s also fun, and extremely rewarding.”

The foster family provides the food, water, cat litter and of course, lots of love and attention. People who foster are happy when the animal can be adopted into their forever home. They do this because they love animals and want to be able to help socialize the animals so that they are better able to move into their new homes.

This time of year is very busy at shelters because it’s kitten season. They are looking for people to take the mom cat and however many kittens for a period of time until the kittens can be adopted. Sometimes there are orphan kittens who need to be bottle fed. It’s a lot of coordinating to find just the right foster family or person for the animals.

Sometimes the animals needing foster care have special needs that really can’t be met at the shelter which is often very noisy and not very home-like. Animals that have recently had surgery or who have special medical or dietary needs are placed in foster care.

“I think it’s a great way for the pets to get a feel of the outside world,” said Amber Linder.

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