Music review: So wrong, it’s right, by All Time Low

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There are tons of pop-punk albums out there of varying degrees of quality. One that stands out among the rest is So Wrong, It’s RIght, by American band All Time Low. After the first album, The Party Scene, All Time Low shuffled through record labels, until finally being signed by Hopeless Records. Once they graduated high school, they focused on the group full time and released the EP Put up or Shut up in July of 2006. According to vocalist Alex Gaskarth, the album helped the band gain new fans while at the same time letting them progress as artists. The band started composing articles for their second album in 2007 of January. Originally, the band had made 15 songs for the album, only three of which made it onto the final article. On September 25, 2007, So Wrong, It’s Right was released.

It would not be an exaggeration to say this was an extremely good album. The band’s signature song Dear Maria, Count Me In, made a debut on this album. This song  is part of the reason this album is so great. It’s great to listen to and everything,, from the cough at the beginning to the last few chords,  comes together in a splendid way. The rest of the album is up to that standard as well, with songs like Remembering Sunday and Six Feet Under The Stars. These are not only staple songs of the band, but are catchy and will be remembered for years to come. While the first album was good, So Wrong, It’s Right was the start of an era for All Time Low that won’t be forgotten.