Snow Days

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Archbishop Ryan was closed March 7th and 8th due to severe snow.

March 6th the archdiocese announced that archdiocesan High Schools and parochial elementary schools would be closed on the 8th because of impending inclement weather.

On the 7th the Archdiocese announced that schools would open with a delay on the 8th, but Ryan decided to remain closed.

Ryan was closed the extra day for several reasons. The area around the school was still in bad condition because of the snow, buses were not able to bring students from the suburbs to school, and several teachers were not able to come.

Now the students of Ryan will have school the Tuesday after Easter which was previously one of the principals holidays.

“We had off four days, but only have to make up one,” said Archbishop Ryan principal Joseph McFadden.

Ryan was also closed two other times due to snow so far during the 2017-2018 school year. They were back to back on January 4th and 5th after severe snow.


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