Halfway Jitters

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As you click on the Archbishop Ryan Website you see the countdown to Graduation begins. Seniors are preparing for acceptance letters and juniors are preparing for the SATs. Sophomores begin to think about what it is like to become an upperclassmen position. How can you stay cool calm and collected during the mid year point of the year?

Stay focused on the main goal, to make it through to the end of the school year which is actually closer than we perceive it to be. Keep working on grades and still try to put in the same effort as the beginning of the school year although slide is a real thing, it’s important to maintain perseverance to succeed. Grades are important but so is the highschool experience find a balance between enjoying time in highschool with your friends and also learning.

These years of highschool build people up to who they are and who they become so learn to relax while balancing everything else. It can be difficult but it is possible these are the years to shape people into knowing responsibilities and real life situations. Know that it is okay to be stressed out stress is normal and sometimes healthy. Try thinking about fun times in times when you are stressed for example the beach or a memory with your friends.  Stay organized and stay fixated on having fun with friends.

Be open to the possibilities of learning from different people as you continue throughout these years weather it’s in college or high school everyone that you meet you learn from. Even as life goes on in workplaces in coffee shops and even the grocery store so many personalities are portrayed throughout the world that just a trip to get some milk or going for a drive can be a learning experience in itself.

The saying does go “learn something new every day” and as you get “wiser” so does the quote.