Archbishop Ryan’s Mathletes Team brings home another Championship

The varsity Mathletes team takes 1st place in the Philadelphia Catholic League Championship.

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Archbishop Ryan’s Mathletes Team brings home another Championship

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Sister Alice Hess and her Mathletes A Team took first place in the Mathletes Championship once again. The B Team, tied for second.

This competition took place on April 9. The other high schools who competed in the competition were LaSalle College High School, Pope John Paul II, Bishop Shanahan A & B, Archbishop Carroll, Malvern Preparatory School, and Notre Dame. Top performances were by Ben Karikari, Patrick Gleason, and  James Meng.

The co-captains of the Mathletes Team are Jill Bautista, Emily Campbell, and Dennis Dulgiyer.
“We prepared by practicing every Monday and most Wednesdays on old competitions and ones that Sister Alice pieced together,”said senior Tara Frino.

Frino has been apart of Mathletes since her sophomore year at Archbishop Ryan.

“I believe there is room for improvement,” said Frino. “This year we weren’t in the top three for most of the season, and then we did end up winning in the end. However, with everyone putting in more effort, I think that they could stay in the top three all year.”
“Through hard work, dedication, and a push from Sister Alice, the Mathletes Team is a force to be reckoned with during competitions,” Frino added.

Sister Alice had somewhat of a different view on the season than Frino had.

“We graduated a bunch of great kids last year,” Alice said.

“These kids stepped up. During the season, they were so close to winning the meets. One point away, two points away. They came so close each time,” said Alice. “The competition was extremely tough, but our kids stayed with it. They were coachable, and they wanted to be champs. They never let up.”

“The students really proved how good they are by winning the championship,” Alice stated. “It’s not over ‘till the fat lady sings.”

A few students during this season had perfect scores in a couple of the meets, but there was one student who stood out the most, James Meng. Meng not only scored a perfect score in every meet during the season, but he also recorded a perfect score in the Championship. Those perfect scores led him to earn the title of the highest scorer in the diocese.

“He is humble and unassuming,” Alice said.

But Meng wasn’t the only student to stand out to Alice this year. A few other students scored perfect scores in the Championship. These students include David Enolia, Patrick Gleason, JaiJai Haung, and Alex Pastuszek.

“All of the students stood out,” Alice said. “They put the team before themselves. All of them really deserve credit.”

“Regarding next year, we are already working hard with the sophomores. There are eight students who hope to earn the Captain title for the upcoming season,” Alice said. “I wish I could choose them all to be captain. They are all great, it is going to be hard to choose.”

The Mathletes team was very successful because of hard work and determination this season. Sister Alice, along with the rest of the Archbishop Ryan community looks forward to watching them succeed again next year.