Riding Solo to Prom

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No date, no problem!

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has implemented a new policy which allows students, who go to coed schools, to attend prom alone.

It was this year that 17 high school principals voted on this new policy, which was endorsed by the Superintendent of Archbishop Ryan and approved by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

The goal of this new change was to assure that all students were able to attend the prom without the tedious task of finding a date for the event. Since last year Archbishop Ryan students have been exclaiming about how difficult and uncomfortable it had been securing a date for their proms.

“Last year’s prom I had a date right up until the person cancelled on me and I had to desperately find someone else,” said Madison Beideman. “It was extremely tiring.”

This newly implemented policy sheds light on the major changes that are happening in our society today. That attending a momentous high school experience should not be burdened with also having to find someone to attend the occasion with. Archbishop Ryan Principal, Mr. McFadden is excited by the new policy change.

“I think it is a great idea and seeing students take advantage of it this year has made it a positive change,” said McFadden.

He also added that in 2018, adults attend weddings and other formal events without a date so the idea that one must be escorted to attend a formal event is a bit outdated.

Archbishop Ryan’s Senior Prom will be held Friday, May 4 at the Adventure Aquarium.

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