The Pros of Prom Weekend

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Prom is known as a very expensive, yet memorable night. For most people prom is the night to remember, for me prom weekend was more memorable than prom itself.

Prom weekend is about going away with friends and having a lot of fun. A good way to look at it is one last weekend experience with your best friends.

Prom itself is fun don’t get me wrong, however it is swarming with adults and rules. At least for prom weekend adults are usually not around and you can be responsible for yourself like the adult everyone expects you to be. Some groups go down the shore and others go up the mountains. Usually a landlord is around since you are under the age of 25, however they don’t hover like a parent would. They allow you to enjoy yourself and do your own thing without being destructive or disruptive.

Prom is also very expensive, everyone stresses out over the crazy price. The weekend following can also be expensive depending on the place you stay, however it is like a celebration that the stress from prom itself is over. Also sometimes people cannot find a date to prom, so prom weekend is perfect for that person. It isn’t about dates and stuff like that it,it is about the group as a whole having a good time together.

If considering having a prom weekend, remember that it is one last big celebrations together as good friends. Everyone is there to have fun and to have the best possible experience together. Prom itself is fun and worth the experience also, however prom weekend is better in my opinion.

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