A Goodbye Letter to Ryan

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It really is true when they say that high school is the fastest four years of your life.


I’ve had an amazing four years at Ryan, I think that’s because I was involved in sports. Playing volleyball and basketball during my four years at Ryan I meet my best friends. I also learned that you have to  work hard every day for yourself and for your teammates because you want to continue to be better. I also learned that commitment and dedication by being part of something bigger was the most important thing, and not necessarily a lot of playing time.


It’s  important for each person to decide what they are interested in or what they want to learn because there are so many options at Ryan for students to get to know people from other schools and don’t be afraid to branch out.  You might feel awkward at first, but it really is worth it.


Shockingly, I learned that discipline is a good thing. While it appears that public schools kids are disrespectful throughout class and I think it is much harder to learn, but here we learned courtesy, accountability and discipline. I’m personally glad I didn’t have to decide what to wear every day. That added pressure during high school years can’t be a good thing.


Finally, it is easy to say after the fact, but try not to stress too much over college applications, essays and ultimately,  the decision letters. There is a place for everyone and you will find it. Our academics at Ryan are seen as an example to other schools and your grades from report card are just as important if not more than the standardized test scores. Do what’s right for you. And as I’ve been told, don’t be afraid to make that decision and if it turns out to be not the right one for you, you can switch.


The Class of 2018 is embarking on their next big adventure, but we will always have a home at Ryan.  Good luck to all of you as you continue your high school years. Don’t feel like high school is it. It’s the beginning of the rest of your life and it will shape you into the person you will become.