Opinion: Welcome Others to our Homecoming

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Every year, Archbishop Ryan’s homecoming dance is closed off to only Ryan students to keep the spirit of the ‘Homecoming’ Dance.


Two years ago, students were allowed to bring outside guests to our dance as a way to welcome other students from different schools into our homecoming.


Key decision makers in decisions like these are the school’s administrators. Principal Joe McFadden said that he believes Homecoming should stay as an “in-house” event.


It had always been just for Ryan students and two years ago we were approached about allowing outside students in, but we realized it took some spirit away from what a “Homecoming” Dance should truly be, so we opted to switch back.” McFadden said.


Although this dance does not allow Ryan students to invite outside students into the homecoming dance, Mr. Mcfadden also made clear that, “Every other dance (Winter Formal, proms, etc.) allows for students to bring students from outside the school.”


Some students feel that outside students should still be allowed to attend Homecoming events. Freshman Olivia Simonds agreed that she wanted the policy to switch back to allowing students to bring outside guests.


“Definitely inviting other people to them. I was planning on bringing my friend to see the school, but couldn’t after realizing that we weren’t allowed to.” Simonds said.


Although this defeats the purpose of a true ‘homecoming,’ it is an opportunity for other students to see our school at an event where more people attend than a formal, and it welcomes other students into the celebration of homecoming.