Opinion: Keep Homecoming to Ourselves

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Homecoming is a big event for all schools, but especially Archbishop Ryan. It came to some people’s attention that only Ryan students can attend. No one outside of Ryan is allowed to attend the homecoming dance.

There can be a debate with this topic; one side considering that students should be permitted to bring individuals outside of Ryan, as long as they’re in high school. However, the counter argument that most people give is that Homecomings are special to that school, and that school alone. It is an unknown conversation that should be given attention.

It wasn’t normally like this, as this rule was only implemented about two years ago. The administration changed it back then because they agree that bringing students outside of Ryan takes away the school spirit.

“It had always been just for Ryan students and two years ago we were approached about allowing outside students in, but we realized it took some spirit away from what a “Homecoming” Dance should truly be, so we opted to switch back.” Principal Joe McFadden said.

So, the side that I would choose is to only allow Archbishop Ryan students to attend Homecoming dances. I do agree with the administration and am happy with their decision to change the rule. Homecomings are different than proms and formals. It really is meant to be specifically for Archbishop Ryan considering it is right before the Ryan versus Judge football game, and is part of Homecoming Weekend. So it makes sense. And in a way, Homecoming now should be treated like color games. A special event that only the Ryan community holds, and is special and meaningful only to us.