Not a Negative Nancy

Photo Courtesy of Archbishop Ryan High School

Photo Courtesy of Archbishop Ryan High School

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Nancy Kurtz, Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs, will be leaving Archbishop Ryan. She will become the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Graduating  from Archbishop Ryan School for Girls in 1988, Kurtz has been a teacher at Archbishop Ryan since 2002, teaching in the social studies department. In September of 2015, Kurtz was named assistant principal of academic affairs.

She’s taught World History, and AP World History. While teaching, she’s left a lasting mark on her students.

Sophomore Matthew Lyons, who had her for AP World History in his freshman year, had good things to say. “She always was very helpful, and is a very good teacher,” Lyons said. .

In her new job, Kurtz will be a member of the Archdiocesan High School’s Leadership Team. She will assist the Superintendent in fostering the mission of Catholic education.  There, she’ll have the opportunity to work closely with some of the schools on academic growth.

“The thing I will truly miss at Ryan are the people and the relationships.” Kurtz said.  “From faculty to staff to students, it is the people who will always make this a very special place for me.”.

Kurtz’s role as assistant principal of Academic Affairs will be taken over by Catherine Dooley, starting November 5th, 2018.