If The Shoe Fits, Wear It

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If The Shoe Fits, Wear It

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Like many other Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Archbishop Ryan High School has strict uniform regulations. Students must wear the correct clothing for each season as well as the correct shoes.

There are two types of shoes that both female and male students can choose from – black Sperrys and black oxfords. Administration decided on these shoes with the uniform change three years ago. Prior to the uniform change, students could only wear the black oxfords. Mr. McFadden suggested the black Sperrys because the shoes were appropriate for the uniform and comfortable.

While many students do not mind these shoes, they would not mind changing the type of shoe or even adding more choices.

Jared Panicker, Junior at Archbishop Ryan wears the black oxfords.

“They are comfortable shoes. I would not change anything about them.” he said.

On the other hand, Joseph Scanlon, Sophomore at Archbishop Ryan High School, also wears the black oxfords. While he does find the shoes comfortable as well, when asked if he could change the shoes to any other type he said he would change them to Vans.

Meghan Gontz, Junior at Archbishop Ryan High school, likes the black oxfords but not the black Sperrys. Gontz thinks black oxfords are comfortable; however, she dislikes how the oxfords, “rip easily.”

Administration has a strict reason as to why these are the shoes chosen.

It was agreed  that this shoe choice need not change since the shoe looked nice, was affordable and also comfortable on the hard floors the students travel each day.” said Charles Panepresso, Assistant Principal for Student Services.

However, Panepresso stated, that if students or parents had a complaint or suggestion in the change of shoes, the administration would be open to consideration.

Overall the administration chooses shoes based off of comfort, pricing, and the overall look of the uniform. Certain shoes are chosen to guide families while shopping for the uniform.

“If we leave the choice of a black dress shoe to the individual we would have a variety of choices of shoe such as boots, moccasins, clogs, etc. that would compromise the look of the school uniform.” Panepresso said.