I Think I’m The Only Person Who Didn’t Like “A Star Is Born”

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Don’t get me wrong, the story line of A Star Is Born was very interesting. However, the way they presented it… not so much.


I felt as if the movie was rushed, almost as if they skipped scenes and just got to the good parts.


First Ally and Jackson meet, which was cute and all. Jack got done his concert (him being a famous musician) and decided to go into a drag bar, in which he met Ally. Ally was a performer and he loved her voice. After Ally was done work she took Jack up on his offer to get a drink after work. In the bar they went to, Ally had got into a bar fight because of the way Jack was being treated. Jack helped her get some ice on her bruised knuckles, and right then and there, you could see his love for Ally.


From there Ally was invited to go to Jackson’s concert, refusing at first, then accepting the offer after being fired from her restaurant job. Jack pulled Ally on stage and they sang together. This continued to happen at every concert for a while.


All of the sudden Ally gets her own record deal, and the two get married.


But there is just about nothing in between all the main parts in the story. It just lacks much detail. I could not tell you how much time there was between each main event.

I was very surprised by how the movie ended. It was highly unexpected, at least to me. I did cry because of how emotional the movie was. I just wish it was beefed up a bit more.


Overall, I would give A Star Is Born a 4 out of 10. If it wasn’t for the ending of the movie, it would honestly be a 2.