Exploring the Dangers of Halloween

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Ah yes, we’ve reached the spookiest time of the year. The time when the weather drops, the leaves change, and we prepare for the season of Halloween. Although we normalize Halloween night as children exploring sidewalks and stranger’s doors – we tend to forget how dangerous this can potentially be.

There have been cases of strangers putting razor blades in candy and handing it out to children. Anybody could inject anything into the candy that isn’t visible to a child, but having a parent check your candy can prevent any threats posed to their child.

There is also a spike of pedestrian injuries on Halloween night. It just goes back to the fact that Halloween night is so exciting for children that they sometimes tend to disregard the rules of the road (that being looking both ways before crossing the street).

The best thing a parent can do to be safe on Halloween is walk around with their child, keep a good eye on them while they walk up to the doors of strangers, and check their child’s candy before they allow them to eat it.