Meet the New Faculty at Archbishop Ryan

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This new school year, Archbishop Ryan High School has gotten a vast amount of new staff and faculty. It ranges from math teachers to athletic directors. Here are some of them:


Athletic Director: Mr. Zeglinski

Mr. Zeglinski is an alumni of Archbishop Ryan, from the class of 2006. He has been the head coach for ARHS basketball for four years.

Where did you go to college, how was your experience there?

“University of Hartford. I couldn’t ask for a better experience from playing basketball to building relationships.”


What made you want to become the Ryan Athletic Director?

“The three years I was the [boys] basketball coach, and I got to know some other athletes. It’s a way to give back to my community.”


Being the head coach of basketball, how is the team looking this year?

“Right now we’re 7-1 in the pre tournament… everyone is playing together. The team looks great. The sophomores and juniors from last year have matured.”


Journalism: Mr. Michaels

Fresh out of college, Mr. Michaels is the new Archbishop Ryan journalism teacher. He also teaches Spanish at Conwell Egan. Mr. Michaels went to Temple University.                                 


How is teaching at Conwell Egan different from Archbishop Ryan?

“Teaching at Egan is different just because I am teaching Spanish 1 and for that reason, I’m teaching freshmen and sophomores there, then at Ryan teaching the upperclassmen.”


Is this your first year of teaching journalism and what did you expect when you first started teaching at ARHS?”

“Yes this my first year teaching journalism, I really find it different than teaching any other subjects and I really enjoy it. I came in at Ryan with an open mind, but I was not expecting it to be as great as it has been since I started.”

What are some things your looking forward to while working at Archbishop Ryan?

“I am looking forward to keeping all of the first articles and then giving the article back to the students to see how far they progressed throughout the school year.”


Math Teacher: Mr. James

The new Trigonometry teacher at Archbishop Ryan, Michael James has been teacher for twelve years.


Is this your first year teacher Trigonometry, and if so what did you expect it to be like and if not what is the difference from this school than your previous one?

“This is not my first year teaching. I have been teaching in more than one archdiocese  schools, including Archbishop Wood. Being a former student at Archbishop Ryan, I’m excited to teach at the school that I graduated in 2001.”  


How is teaching at Wood different from Archbishop Ryan?

Working at Wood versus working at Ryan, it’s more relaxing. The students at Wood were more hyper and were not as focused as the Ryan kids I teach now. Other than that I enjoyed my time at Wood and I am enjoying my time at Ryan.”


What are some things your looking forward to while working at Archbishop Ryan?

I’m interested in building more relationships with the students, and helping any way possible.Being a former student at Ryan, I look forward to seeing my students grow into young adults and move on to their next chapter in life.


Why did you take the job at Archbishop Ryan?

“I was not looking for a job at the moment but being a former student at Ryan, I thought it would be cool to help the students in a way that I felt I did not get when I was in high school.”


What interest you outside of teaching?

“I enjoy watching sports, and anything having to do with my kids and family.”