Ryan Honors Veterans With Special Assembly

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Veteran’s day has been a federal holiday since the year 1919. It was created by President Woodrow Wilson, who after seeing the horror and violence of WW1, thought the United States’ heroes should be honored.

On November 11 at Archbishop Ryan High School, Veteran’s Day was celebrated with a gathering of faculty and students. There were numerous veterans and alumni that attended the assembly. They were given certificates from President Michael Barnett. With the certificate, came the overwhelming appreciation of the Archbishop Ryan family. These veterans seemed honored, and loved to be back in the school they attended as teenagers before they became heroes.

The students were moved by the tearing eyes of their teachers, fellow students, and the veterans. Students helped by making the slide presentation that was displayed on the screens. The band and choir set the mood of the assembly with beautiful melodies. The faculty gave speeches and some stood in recognition of their veteranship at the closing part of the assembly. All together, the faculty and students helped make the assembly noble, and gave it emotion.

The assembly honored not just the present veterans but their fallen comrades. Many of the brave men and women who have fought to protect and safeguard the future of the United States do not come home. They are either left on a foreign battlefield or fall in the line of duty. AR revered them and thanked them for their sacrifice. Recently, one of our own Ryan graduates met his fate during a training mission. The Ryan family gave their love and support to the family of that young man at this ceremony.

The Archbishop Ryan family is ever expanding. However it will always remember the men and women who have served and have died serving in the armed forces in order to keep safe our freedom. Freedom is not free.