Archbishop Ryan Brings Back Halloween Costumes

Take a look at a slideshow of students and faculty in costume in the video below the article! All photos courtesy of Allison Pierce

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Archbishop Ryan Brings Back Halloween Costumes

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Being a high school student is scary enough, especially around this time of year. Archbishop Ryan added to the scariness of the high school environment by allowing students to wear costumes on Halloween.

On Wednesday, October 31, Archbishop Ryan students dressed up in costumes to participate in a schoolwide costume contest. A student was chosen from each homeroom to compete for the best costume per grade.

Freshman Emma Dodd won with a cowgirl costume, Sophomore Diana DeCoo won with a pirate costume, Junior Karl Baptiste won with a costume of himself and Senior Daniel Chiodo won with a costume of Mr. McFadden.

“Dressing up at school on Halloween will go down as one of my favorite days of senior year,” stated Chiodo. “It was such a happy atmosphere and it was so awesome seeing how creative people can get with their costumes.”

Students dressed in a variety of costumes from faculty members to animals, and even Jesus. There was also a multitude of group costumes including M&Ms, the Powerpuff Girls and characters from TV shows including Friends, Bob’s Burgers and The Office.

It has been over a decade since Archbishop Ryan students have been allowed to dress up in costumes at school. The previous rules allowed a single student per homeroom to participate in the costume contest.

“I think it just kinda fell out of favor,” Principal Joe McFadden stated. “There was one year there was a teacher professional development, all of the schools were closed on Halloween and I don’t know if it ever made its way back after that.” said McFadden.

Senior Allison Pierce along with Student Council members presented the idea of dressing up for Halloween hoping for it to become a new tradition at Archbishop Ryan.

“We’ll make some changes to next year’s procedure but overall we thought it went well and we were really happy with it,” McFadden said.