Ryan Seniors Visit NYC

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On Thursday, December 13, the Archbishop Ryan’s senior class visited New York City. Of that group of seniors, five of them are contributors to The Ryan Review. Below are excerpts from personal reflections they wrote about their trip.


Alyssa Wright: Spending a day in the city that never sleeps is always an adventure, but when you’re with all of your best friends, the memories will last a lifetime. Because we were able to split up and do our own thing with small groups, we felt independent. I believe this was the most defining aspect of the entire trip. Having the opportunity to make our own plans offered the chance to make the trip our own.

An important part of the trip was the fact that no one really knew where they were going. Part of the fun was trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B. Whenever you saw someone from Ryan on the way, you would say hi despite how close you are. It made strong friendships even stronger, and helped grow the weaker ones.

Matt Charles: There are big things for the students that allow this trip to be memorable. For one, it’s the fact that we have only a couple school mandatory things, and the rest of the time is ours. While we may have done this in the past, those were chaperoned and more strict. This is a chance for independence, and free time.That alone is a reason to go on the trip.

There’s also the fact that it’s New York, a place everyone knows and knows a lot about. If it was somewhere in the middle of Missouri, or some other boring old place, the ability to go anywhere wouldn’t mean much. But because of it being a large and well known city, you can do all of those things you’ve wished on doing to your heart’s content, and no one will stop you.

So yeah, this isn’t just an expensive trip to a place you can visit any time, it’s more than that. It’s a symbol. An experience.

Madelyn Harner: For the first time in my life I was present in the bright lights and the big city. I had always loved the thought of New York but never got a chance to visit. When my family goes on trips, it is almost always to Disney World or Wildwood at the Jersey shore. Finally this was my chance to get the experience of the Big Apple.

When the bus dropped us off and I took my first step onto Broadway, I was in awe looking at the tall buildings surrounding me. It was cool to imagine celebrities who had walked the same streets, saw the same sights, and ate at the same restaurants.

Starr Williams: What made this trip memorable/important to me is the time I was able to spend with a group of amazing friends. This is the last year of our high school experience, and the NYC trip made it very important to me. It was filled with a vast amount of laughter. Going with my close friends made it special to me because we share so many things in common that others wouldn’t fully understand. If I went with a different group of people, it would not be the same. Some things we were able to do on the trip were: see the play Anastasia, go to Hard Rock Cafe, ice skating, and shopping. It was good to go shopping with my friends because the fashion in New York is awesome! These activities made a fun packed day and I didn’t want to leave. All in all, New York was a great experience.

Allison Pierce: While I was walking through Times Square, surrounded by my friends, I suddenly became overwhelmed with feelings of happiness, confidence, and then sorrow. I was overjoyed to be spending time with friends I’ve made in the past four years in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I felt exhilarated when I realized that I was navigating me and my friends through “the City that Never Sleeps” without any help from an adult. Then it hit me that this is how my life is going to be next year in college. I am going to be thrown into a foreign environment, filled with strangers and insane opportunities that I will have to navigate through on my own.

From that moment on, I decided that I am not going to take my senior year for granted anymore. My last school year at Archbishop Ryan is halfway over and I have spent it worrying about what is to come next. I have decided to take life into my own hands and make my senior year filled with memories I can be happy about when I look back.