3/11/19 Ryan Round Up

A daily round up of Archbishop Ryan News for and by the students!

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Junior Prom tickets are now on sale! Tickets are $120/couple or $60/single and they’re available from the tuition office.

Some of you may have HOLDS, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Holds can be caused by Discipline, Lack of Service Hours or Financial Holds.

Discipline- you must see Mr. Panepresso (good luck…<3)

Service Hours- you must return this form to Father Dalin (it’s page 3 of this PDF) If you need service hours, ask your teachers!

Financial– have your parent call the Finance Office using extension #213 or #239

Once you have that squared away, you’ll receive a green labeled prom form!

-The Boys’ Basketball Team won against West Chester East this weekend. Mr. McFadden went live on Facebook for the final few minutes if you want to check it out!