Senior Letter: Matthew Charles

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Sayonara, underclassmen!

It’s been a long four years. A long, but also short, four years. I’ve changed a lot in that time. Not physically, mind you, but mentally. I’ve grown, also not physically, but as a person.From the obnoxious freshman to the slightly-less obnoxious but more indifferent senior, there was growth. And with my growth and my (four) years of experience, I have some advice for you.

  1. Join a club, or any sort of after school activity. If you go through eight hours a day where very few good things are happening, you’ll be miserable. You’d be surprised at how much having something to look forward to can change your mood.
  2. Don’t be edgy. You might think you’re cool being indifferent and standoffish and contrarian. You’re not. You’re annoying and nobody’ll like you for it. You can state your opinions and do as much kooky stuff as you want, just be a nice person while doing it.
  3. Don’t act like  you’re smarter than everyone in the room. I know how much you hate us uneducated peons. If you’re smarter, don’t brag about it. But the more likely scenario is that you’re acting smart just to pretend you’re cool. But that’s not cool. It’s pretty lame. So don’t be a lame brain and act like a normal human being.

If you take those three tips into mind, your high school experience will be pretty okay-ish. And that’s all I really hope for in life.

My high school experience was a bunch of highs and lows. If i had taken these tips into account, my years at Ryan would have been better, so I give this advice to you. Nobody wants to end up like Matt Charles.

As I leave these hallowed halls, I have but a few more words to say. Words that describe me, my situation, and my look on life perfectly.

Later, skaters.